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​​​​​​​​​REMA MENON
Rema Menon, initiated her training in Bharathanatyam at the age of 3 and later joined Nrittadhyana and continued her training under Guru Smt Sujatha Rajendran, a disciple of the well-renowned Dhananjayans and Kerala Kalamandalam, Calcutta.

She follows the Kalakshetra style of Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattam and has also received training from other exponents in the art-form – Guru Smt Nandana Chellappa, Guru Smt Shimna, Guru Smt Nirmala Madhava and Guru Smt Divya Shiva Sundar.Her passion for dance burns ablaze,thus prompting her to open a school for Indian classical dance,Nrittadhyana in Sanjose,California.Rema continues imparting knowledge of Indian classical dance to kids and adults alike.She is a great dance tutor and a working mother of two.


Dance is a sport ,says Athira. She believes, "To be able to dance well, one needs to be versatile, tenacious, have resolution, forbearance and most importantly a phenomenal zest for what they do".All amalgamated ,molds a perfect dancer, says she.Music is the pulse that pumps through her veins and her ankles have been moving to the rhythm of it since she was a toddler.Under the able guidance of virtuoso Smt Geetha jayaram,Athira was introduced to Bharathanatyam at the age of 3.Since then there was no turning back.At the age of 8,she had an opportunity to taste the nectar of the graceful dance form, Mohiniyattam. Later on under the tutelage of Smt Kalamandalam Sunitha ,Kuchipudi was proposed to her.Athira has won many accolades from various dias and was also titled Kalathilakam during her school days.


Uma N Mooss was classically trained in Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam under Kalamandalam Kavitha Krishnakumar, a guru who inspired her to always stick to the roots and take forward the art form without loosing its tradition. Mohiniyattam with its grace, importance to abhinaya, liberty it gives to every artist makes this art form my favorite" says Uma.Being exposed to other forms of classical dance too, she had a special flavor and interest towards mohiniyattam. She started her lessons in Mohiniyattam at the age of 12 and continues learning since then. Her mother who also had very good knowledge about this art form was her best crtitic she says.


Aparna had started learning Bharathanatyam at the age of 6 under the guidance of kalamandalam Kshemavathy.After her arangettam she began mohiniyattam and kuchipudi training. She has performed on various stages in India and have won many prizes in school,college level and also from Kalaimaghal sabha. After finding about Mohini studio she was elated to join the team of mohinis and continues her passion for learning and performing mohiniyattam.


Saraswathy started learning Bharathanatyam at the age of 4 with Nattuvam Paramasivam Menon.She continued to learn and perform at various prestigious platforms,like the nishagandhi dance festival.She has also learnt mohiniyattam from guru kalamandalam Vimala menon.Also, she was fortunate enough to grace the podium along with the prestigious dancer Savitha Sastry.Saraswathy,a special ed.Teacher,is a happily married mother of two who loves to paint,sing and dance!


Sajina started learning Bharathanatyam at the age of 6 from Kalamandalam Susheela & Kalamandalam Sushama.Within a couple of years she was with Kalamandalam Vimaladevi, the guru who uncovered her talent in Mohiniyattam and fine-tuned her with the basics and those little secret tips. She continued learning Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam under Kalamandalam Leelamani from the age of 14 and still continues to learn. Though she won prizes at the National Youth Festival held in Ahmedabad in 1997 for Kuchipudi and Bharathanatyam, her first choice remains Mohiniyattam.She dedicates all those prizes and recognitions to her mom, who found the talent in her and gave all the support to become a good dancer.Type your paragraph here.